Welcome to my art and illustration website where I have showcased the images from my portfolio that mean the most to me. You will notice right away that I love creating interesting, expressive, funny characters that will tell you a whole story and even seem to wink at you on occasion.

I have tried to re-create the warmth in my digital style that was evident in my older, traditional work which was all done studiously by hand with paint and pencils. Don’t misunderstand, all of my art and illustration work is still done by hand. I just use a digital drawing tablet and the stunning array of tools in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator instead.

Sometimes I wish I had been born thirty years later than I was. I would love to have studied digital illustration in the design courses I took when I was young in College. Instead, for the past fifteen years I have learned on the job . I trained through online courses, books and seminars by local and visiting experts. Today I feel reasonably confident that my knowledge and abilities in Adobe Photoshop are at a professional level. In my blog I discuss some of the things I have learned and tricks I have developed that will be especially helpful for younger illustrators. I create my art and illustration work in my studio in rural Cape Breton Island and it appears all over the world thanks to the miracle of the web. Please take a look through the various categories. Contact me if you are curious to see how I have handled a subject that is not listed. For your convenience I have included a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. I have tried to answer questions commonly posed by new clients.

If you would like to reach me through Linkedin please click (HERE).