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In advertising illustration as a rule the artist is not asked to “interpret” the subject. Magazine or book art directors will look for illustrators who have strong creative talents. An advertising art director on the other hand will want an artist whose work “fits” the project. A committee or creative group will usually work out the contents and style of the primary image and it is up to the artist to follow through according to plan. They don’t want someone who will run wild with their ideas. An ad agency needs to maintain control over the creative process because they are directly responsible to their client.

When I am working on an advertising project I will gladly offer my input about design, composition and characters. These are important issues that an illustrator can have a say in. The core content of the project however is more often than not set in stone.

Being a good team player then is part of the landscape in this type of work and I enjoy the challenge. The years I spent in studios prior to my freelance career taught me the importance of working well with others. I respect my freelance associates just as I would a group of colleagues who work together in a studio.

It’s vital to learn as much as possible about the product or service you are promoting. This includes an understanding of the product itself and how it will appear and be used in the marketplace. Knowledge is a valuable tool. The more you know the more valued you will be in a team setting. I believe knowledge, respect and helpfulness are important factors in long term working relationships.

I created all of the images you see here for huge, multi-national ad agencies, small, one person design studios and everything in between. If you wish to see my profile on The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators website please click (HERE).

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