Odds and Ends

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This category is one of my favourites because in a way it is an honest reflection of my portfolio. I never know what type of project I will be working on from week to week and this keeps life interesting. I don’t know how to spell the word miscellaneous so I opted to call this section Odds and Ends. This seems to be a fitting term for the mish-mash of oddball images you see displayed here.

If you look closely at this gallery you may discern some of my influences. In grade school I lavished the flyleaves of my textbooks with Peanuts and Weirdo cartoons. Mad Magazine, Leonardo DaVinci and Norman Rockwell play cameo roles in many of my odds and ends paintings. I covet the early work of Roger Hill and aspire to be as good as Jason Seiler when it comes to illustrating people.

Working digitally has opened many doors for me in my technique. Glazing is the subtle application of transparent colour with soft brushes or the airbrush. It can be very tricky and almost impossible to rework once executed with real paint. In Photoshop you can experiment with colours and densities to your hearts content. You can adjust and rework the process until it’s just right. Almost every traditional technique has a modern, digital parallel that is faster, easier and cleaner. There are also countless, new digital options that have no traditional equivalent.

As for business and marketing, the digital revolution has broken down the physical barriers of time and distance. When bidding on a job I can accompany my written quote with high quality examples of my work. This will instantly reach a destination that I could only access previously by courier at some expense and time lag.

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