Frequently Asked Questions

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Original Artwork and Copyright

Is your artwork original or do you use templates or bits and pieces from the internet?

All my work is original and done by hand from scratch.

Who owns the copyright for the images you create?

I do until you pay me for the work. I specify who owns the copyright on my invoice so it is in writing. There are various forms of copyright and we would discuss these in our initial conversations.

I like your work and I think I would like to hire you to create some illustrations. What is the next step?

You explain to me what you are looking for and how it will be used. We can then discuss how much I will charge and what level of copyright you want.

What different types of copyright are there?

Most magazines purchase “First Rights” which gives them the right to publish the image exclusively within the first year of creation. After that the copyright reverts to me. Some people purchase a buy-out which means they own the artwork and can do what they want with it. This costs a bit more.

Prices and Job Process

What are your prices for doing your artwork?

That depends on what the illustration is being used for and how complicated the image will be. Every job is different and every client has a different budget. Advertising scales tend to be higher while magazines and children’s books tend to be more on the modest side.

Can you show me incremental progress during the job process?

After we discuss the elements of the job, my fee and a timeline from start to finish I will provide you with rough and finished sketches before applying colour.

Will I have an opportunity to make changes?

Yes, at every stage you will be able to make changes. It’s even possible to alter the final illustration within reason. However an extra fee may be applied if extensive changes or additions are made after each stage is approved.

How much time do you need to create your artwork?

My style is realistic and detailed and therefore time consuming. I usually need a day to create ideas and sketches and another two to three days to create the finished art depending on how complicated the image is.

What technique do you use to create illustrations?

I use Photoshop to create most of my images. Occasionally I revert to oils on canvas or graphite pencil on textured paper but this is rare.

What programs and formats do you deliver your work in?

A JPEG attachment delivers smaller images under 5 MB while a file transfer service like Dropbox or WeTransfer delivers large files and complex, multi-image projects. Dropbox and WeTransfer are both free.

They can be downloaded here: (DROPBOX)  (WETRANSFER)

How is a digital portrait delivered?

A digital portrait becomes a high quality photo print while various sizes of prints are available if wanted.


I have a unique project, idea or story that I don’t want to reveal without some guarantee that you won’t show it to others. How can I protect myself?

We can both sign a non-disclosure contract that protects you and your idea. You can download a simple non-disclosure contract (HERE).

My project is large, complex and multi-faceted. Should we sign a contract to make sure it progresses smoothly?

With very involved projects that will develop over a long period of time it is a good idea to sign a contract so both of us know where we stand in case problems arise. You can download a standard contract (HERE).

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